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Båndet Mareridt / Taped Nightmare

72 min. Film. 2012.

By Iselin Toubro & Jonas Frederiksen.

"What happens when you record your dreams on video and view them outside their natural boundaries? Find out as Dennis thinks he got it all figured out but soon the tables are turning and he and his friends Jimmy & Mike find themselves in a nightmare that is just as real as dialing for a pizza or striking the g-chord. What are smoky minds to do? Entering the dangerous realm of a collective nightmare the three friends must find their way through and around their hideous doppelganger in order to free themselves of this terminal nightmare - but is it possible? Find out in this hair raising, rock'n'roll injected pizza pie of cinematic slime."

Taped Nightmare was written by Jonas Frederiksen and Iselin Toubro, 2010 and finally realized in 2012 under the direction of Iselin Toubro. Shot exclusively on VHS-C on locations in Copenhagen. Starring Jonas Frederiksen, Simon Van Deurs Formann, Alexander Fnug Olsen and many more. It features original music by The Jester, Backstage Pass, Girlseeker, Just Leaving, P.J. Bonneman & Alexander Fnug Olsen, Redux and many more.