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Over sundet / Across the Strait

3-channel film installation. 2024

Across the Strait unfolds as a film installation with a narrative, which, together with sculptural objects, props, and architectural elements, spreads throughout the indoor areas of Gl. Holtegaard.

The narrative of the film unfolds in two tracks. In the prologue and epilogue, we meet a woman in the year of 1658, in a time when the neighboring countries Denmark and Sweden were fighting in war. The woman tells a heartbreaking story about her son who is a soldier in the war. The Scandinavian war history is intertwined with a narrative about the traveling Scandinavian craftsmen called "naver." In the mainfilm, we follow two contemporary Swedish “naver”, who traviling their Journeymen's year wearing the characteristic work uniform with flared velvet trousers, vest, hat, walking stick, and backpack. Their first stop on their journey is a "naverhule," a housing for traveling "naver" in a small town in Denmark. Here, they meet like-minded individuals, who, in accordance with tradition, subject the newcomers to a series of welcome rituals and competitions in various craft disciplines. But conflicting perceptions of what it means to be on the journey as a “naver” create conflict in an otherwise peaceful community.

Since the 16th century, craftsmen have traveled to gain experience and perform work around the world. While "naver" can cross national borders despite different nationalities and travel in all countries in a kind of nomadic hybrid community, wars limit the same transnational movement.

Actors: Asta Kamma August, Johannes Lindkvist, Jesper Bark Brandin, Rosalinde Mynster, Lea Gregersen, Anton Falck, Jakob Emil Everly Lamdahl Mynster, Franciska Forslund Toubro, Sara Sjölin, Skjold Rambow, Jay Nicholas Børresen, Bue Wandahl, Mikkel Bay Mortensen, Rasmus Bøgehave Hansen, Andrea Jørgensen, Charlotte MøllerMadsen, Vincent Knudsen, Gurli Grot h Blom & Lux.

Manuskript: Iselin Forslund Toubro, Amalie Møller Højbjerre

Fotograf: Troels N'koya-Jensen, DFF

B-fotograf: Kristian Jørgensen Tonemester: Thea Nyboe Jacobsen, Erik Mats Andersson

Produktionsleder + Indspilningsleder: Kristina Thuring-Møller

Indspilningsassistent: Camilla Juul

Kostumedesign: Franciska Forslund Toubro

Lyddesign: Thea Nyboe Jacobsen

Violinist: Gudrun Berglund

Musik: Jakob Emil Everly Lamdahl Mynster