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No Game Without Rivals

A video trilogy. 2016.

Lasting Aftertast, 9 min.
Fragile Camouflage, 9.51 min.
Stretchy Expectations 12.6 min.

Made in collaboration with Cecilie Meng, Catherine Coleman, Lea MH Christensen, Claudia Stræde, Shila Gaonkar, Julie Riis Andersen, Adrian Toubro, Dan Kjær Nielsen, Alberte Karrebæk, Naya Moll Olsen, Anna Lea Ourø Jensen, Julius Göthlin, Bobo Eyes and Ectoplasm Girls.

Someplace: A young blogger arrives at a restaurant for another gastronomic evening. Just before she steps in, she stops. She never knows if it’s butterflies or anxiety that makes her stomach turn. With her hand resting on the handle she takes a deep breath and proceeds to open the door. She walks in the direction of the table that is set for her. It’s like walking down the aisle.

Meanwhile at a another place: After a late start two dancers have finally began to rehearse. They stretch and move in a symbiotic relationship on the floor, moving in harmony with the shapes of each other’s dancing bodies. But as the day wears on, it becomes clear that in order to continue dancing they will need to become limber in more areas than just their limbs.

Meanwhile at a third place: Two model builders sit in silence focusing on the model in front of them. Both of them are nearing completion. Even though they had more or less the same starting point, their models don’t look similar. Discretely they eye each other’s work, silently admiring the way the other person has thought of new ways to fit the brick onto the side of the oblong piece.